Ron is a passionate provider of collaborative family law services. Ron’s depth of knowledge, insight and expertise make him a very successful collaborative law attorney.

Steven G.
Partner at Inrelex Law Group PLLC

For all of Ron’s brilliance in connection with Collaborative Practice, and there is plenty, it is his joyful, playful, humanness that stands out for me. As a leading voice in the movement, and even more so during his time as president of the IACP, I always admired Ron’s wonderful blend of keen intelligence, tireless drive, and warm compassion. I only wish we were close enough geographically to work together with clients.

Carl Michael R.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ron has that kind but powerful wise-authority that can move mountains -(and which, God! I wish I could bottle because you could flog it for a fortune). He is resourced to move whichever way will achieve progress and has the insight to know how best to advance. Definitely part of the globe’s positive energy.

James P.
Collaborative Lawyer

Ron is a shining light in the Collaborative Practice Community both as a stellar visionary leader (Past IACP President, co-authored book with Stu Webb) and as a collaborative attorney. In my experience with Ron as “opposing counsel,” colleague and friend, he has always been congenial, thorough and effective in all that he does. Ron is committed to the highest standards of client service and a joy to work with in any role of the “Collaborative Divorce Process.”

Rebecca P.
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Ron helped immensely through a difficult divorce by providing balanced advice, thoughtful listening and creative options. It’s more than 10 years later and I am very grateful to have had his thoughtful, integrity guiding in a charged and emotional time. We implemented some new legal options with great results and helped the co-parenting process to begin on legal foundations that have helped our children to feel loved, safe and not torn between their parents.

Gwendolyn K.

Ron is one of the founding fathers of the worldwide collaborative law movement and I have had the pleasure of meeting him on a number of occassions. Most recently we had the chance to work together in Rome, Italy when we were on the same training team bringing the world of collaborative law to the Romans. I found Ron not only to be a true gentleman but also a great communicator, insightful and wise. He handled the tircky “pitches” with aplomb and great courtesy, taking the cultural nuances in his stride. Ron is a great man.

Gillian B.
Owner, Family Law in Partnership