Negotiated Divorce

Approximately 95% of all divorce cases end in a negotiated agreement; less than 5% go to trial. Therefore, one of the reasons you may choose to hire an attorney is to help you with the negotiation.  Many of our divorce cases are handled within a specific process, such as mediation (negotiation with the assistance of a neutral person) or Collaborative Law (negotiation with attorneys who are hired for settlement only).  However, we do handle a few cases that do not fall into either of those categories, which we describe simply as “Negotiated Divorces.”

When we work with you in a Negotiated Divorce, there can be a wide variety of scenarios:

  • Negotiation with attorney help without court supervision
  • Mediation assistance
  • With Court assistance

To learn more about our Negotiated Divorce services, please contact us online or at (952) 806-9787.